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'Ignite Your Pathway'


  • Yoga Workshop (Business Plan (A4)) (Facebook Event Cover) (1920 × 1005px) (Instagram Post
  • Yoga Workshop (Business Plan (A4)) (Facebook Event Cover) (1920 × 1005px) (Instagram Post
  • Yoga Workshop (Business Plan (A4)) (Facebook Event Cover) (1920 × 1005px) (Instagram Post

'You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection". Buddha

Ignite Your Pathway is a monthly workshop held at the beginning of each month designed to help you kickstart your  month with direction and clarity.

Do you feel like you’re coasting from month to month not getting anywhere hoping and praying something will change around you to make life easier?

If you answered “Yes” know that your happiness is already within you. Look no further than yourself and put your energy and time into you.

Every morning we get a chance to press that reset button, it’s never too late to take life by the reins and make that change.

To step into your power and manifest your true desires.


What is...

Ignite Your Pathway?

How it works...

In these workshops I will help you clear away the negative beliefs that are holding you back from experiencing your greatness.

The workshops are live on zoom at 11am at the weekend, they are one and a half hours long, and we focus around different themes each month designed for pure wholesome reflection and growth.


Client Testimonials...


You will learn...

  • How to outline your path to your manifestations through our journaling practice.

  • How to set powerful intentions for the month ahead.

  • How to manifest your desires using powerful tools and processes.

  • EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) to help reduce anxiety and stress so you can move forwards.

  • How to navigate a challenging day.

  • How to build a solid relationship with yourself.

  • How to work with The Law of Attraction.

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"If the Universe puts a dream in your heart,

it has every intention for you to make it happen"


  • You feel stuck going around in circles of overthinking and procrastination.

  • You want to learn how to manifest and become a magnet to your desires.

  • You want to make changes with your mindset but unsure of where to start.

  • You have just dipped your toe into the spiritual and self-development world and you want to know more.

  • You are fed up of feeling frustrated and angry which leaves you feeling hopeless and worthless

  • You want to learn tools to help you get through a difficult day.

  • You want to learn new daily habits so you can seize the day ahead.

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This is for you if...

“The world you choose to see is the one you will experience”

 By Idil Ahmed

Hey! I'm Jen...

I am a Certified Life Empowerment Coach, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and Matrix Reimprinting practitioner and Reiki Healer.


My passion is working with spiritual female go-getters who are a “Hell Yes” to breaking their silence and creating positive change into their life. I do this by helping them CHANGE their patterns of thought allowing them to TRUST themselves and FLOW with greater ease through life.

I am looking forward to helping you unlock your hidden powers with fresh new modern insights about the ways the universe works so you can gain greater confidence and your divine spark.

Are YOU ready to tap into your greatest self and step into your power?


Are you ready..?

When you face your shadows you set yourself free, you heal your heart and build a loving connection with yourself. You will start to make positive change towards shaping and designing the life you deserve so you can smile from the inside out.

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