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Meet Jenny

Certified Life Coach

My Story...

As a child, I was an animal lover. Wherever there were animals, I was there. I wanted to become a vet, and then my ambition changed and I wanted to become a mounted policewoman.

On leaving school, I started working at a local riding school, where I lived in. I had the option of living in a nice warm flat with central heating or a cold, damp caravan (next to the stables).


Yes, I chose the caravan. I seemed to go for the hard options in life; if something seemed too easy, I would naturally take the more complex route, which includes this handsome boy below: ‘Robin’ my childhood favourite pony who loved to buck me off on a regular basis.



The Bubble that Burst...

At the age of 17, a lot of life experiences happened in a very short period, I passed my driving test and I started working as an apprentice for an Insurance Broker. I met my first serious boyfriend and life was good, I was on cloud 9; new job, new boyfriend, found my independence driving around in my new banger. I was loving life! But this didn’t last very long, my boyfriend dumped me and my friend from school passed away.

I then spent the following years drinking alcohol and partying to cover up the broken pieces inside me. My self-esteem fell to the floor, along with my dignity. I spent many years ahead, living a fast-paced life of working hard and partying harder. I used alcohol as an escape from reality as I felt useless and not good enough. I did take my job working at an insurance broker’s seriously, and I was proud that I worked my way up to branch manager level.

The Secret...

Thinking back to my life almost ten years ago, I was at a crossroads. I knew I had a purpose, a destination that would open my mind, but I didn’t know what it was. After being introduced to The Secret by Rhona Byrne (based on the Law of Attraction), I started to see life in a refreshing new way. My eyes opened wide to all the possibilities that were surrounding me, to which I had been blinded before. I began to think differently, which led me to manifest my travels to Australia.

So, of course, when you take action, the universe works with you. Everything worked out; it flowed: saving the money, selling my car, renting out my house, and getting myself a year’s working visa with just enough time to fit in applying for my 2nd year's visa- it was meant to be, or was it?


Can You Relate..?

Then nine weeks before I was due to leave, I met a man, who really put a spanner in the works. To cut a long story short, I did go to Oz, but I cut my trip short and returned just two months later to be with this person………..huge mistake!

I fell into a very toxic, messy relationship that was physically and emotionally abusive. I gave up my dream because I didn’t have any self-worth or value for myself to continue my planned trip. As a result, my confidence took a nosedive, and I completely lost myself; my friends said I just wasn’t me anymore.


This is the point when I began to pick myself up and I was back on the manifesting train. I manifested a new job, my car, and I moved to a new house which I called “My Healing Home”. I took a Mindset and Law of Attraction Course, gained my Reiki 1 and started to meditate. I listened to Louise Hay and Abraham Hicks every day, who I loved and it kept me going - focused and aligned.


After a series of unpleasant events, I picked up the courage to leave. The morning I left, I was guided by something a lot stronger than myself; I now believe this was my Higher Self. I was weak; I had enough, my spirit was low. With the help of some very special friends of mine, I never looked back.

I continued to drink myself into a dark hole, as that was the only way I knew how to deal with pain. I used alcohol to block out reality, which gave a false insight into my confidence. Looking back now, I was suffering from anxiety and depression. On the outside, you wouldn’t have noticed this, as I hid it well. Eventually reality caught up with me, and I was put on anti-depressants by my Doctor.


I even went on a week’s Intensive Tiling Course in Newcastle; only I could take a week off work to drive miles to learn how to tile! A very random idea of mine! But something was missing. I was still healing and, in my vulnerability, I was looking for comfort in all the wrong places. I was held prisoner by my own fears, insecurities, and lack of self-confidence.

Then in 2018, my world fell apart; my Dad passed away; he had a stroke a couple of years before and lived a life of pain and discomfort. It broke my heart seeing my Dad’s transition from a strong, happy man, full of energy playing golf, gardening and painting. He went from living life to the full to a life of limited movement as he lost the use of his left side; he couldn’t walk or eat properly. It was heart breaking seeing him suffer and his passing was for him a release from pain.

Then just weeks later, whilst I was on a snowboarding holiday in Bulgaria, I received a phone call from my Brother ‘Jez’ which totally shook me with horror telling me that my older brother James had had a heart attack. I immediately flew back to the UK to be by his side in intensive care, then a week later we had to make the dreaded decision to switch the machine off. My world turned upside down and I remember thinking how the hell will I be able to carry on without my big Brother. He was my best friend, I shared most of my secrets with him and we shared many ups and downs together.


I decided to change my world...

In this blanket of grief, I somehow managed to turn my pain into power. I used their love as a catalyst from which I derived the energy to become a better version of myself. I remember the day I decided to change my world. I was standing in the kitchen on my lunch break; dreading going back to work, when I decided to join a mindset coaching group. I acted immediately and searched until I found myself live in the Facebook group introducing myself as a person who was aiming to rise instead of fall.

It was on that day I decided to raise the bar, take the reins of my life to create happiness to focus on my true desires. I immersed myself into the self-development world and loved every minute of it. This led me to investing in myself further by hiring my 1:1 coach, then the game really changed.

Untitled design (1)_edited.jpg

Coming Alive...

My self-worth and confidence fired up, I came alive inside, and all that was broken began to heal. I found my passion in becoming a coach myself as I wanted to help others, empathising with their grief and knowing that there was a way out. I came off my anti-depressants, reduced my alcohol intake (I was sick of the vicious cycle of weekly hangovers) gained a Law of Attraction diploma, created a Facebook group, co-presented my very first event ‘Aspire’ (a self-love mini retreat). As I learned to visualise my success, I manifested a 2-month backpacking trip which was obviously meant to be, as it conveniently took place just before Covid so I was super grateful to go!


Why I Became a Coach....

Here I am...

Today, I am super proud of myself for turning my pain into power and learning how to completely love and trust myself again. I am living my manifestation right now, living in Bali running my Coaching business. I have so much passion boiling inside me and I’m dying to share it with you.

So here I am.

Stronger than ever.

Happier than ever.

I believe that we can all empower ourselves to manifest the life we want.

If you resonate with my story in any way and feel you would like to reach out to me, please do, I would love to help. I am currently offering complimentary discovery sessions to discuss your needs and to see if we can work together.


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