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Ink it: The Benefits of Journaling

I’m currently in bed listening to the rain pouring down on the wooden sea view cabin I’m staying in listening to the waves crashing fiercely against the rocks. It’s rainy season here in Manado, North Sulawesi. Where? I hear you ask? It’s in the North of Indonesia. I am currently doing my PADI Open Water Diver certificate. I can’t believe I have just said that! I am manifesting some crazy shizney at the moment- more on this another time.

I wanted to share something with you that I just realised a few moments ago. I noticed I was feeling out of sorts, you know when you feel off but you carry on ignoring it as you let other things take over.

Well, I decided to connect with this feeling a little more and check in. It’s 27th January 2023 as I’m writing this. I decided to open my journal to write down how I was feeling, it got me thinking about what I’ve experienced so far this year, and noticed it was huge!

Since 1st January I have:

· Had an operation in a foreign hospital

· Received results which were not the best but stayed positive

· Continued to receive terrible service from a Letting Agent who failed to provide a service

· I attended a powerful Kundalini Activation Retreat which I am still processing after releasing a lot of pain and grief

· Manifested an amazing opportunity – One month at 3 dive resorts in North Sulawesi, all expenses paid.

· My Open Water Diver PADI Course (which terrifies me, I am petrified of this sea)

It’s not even the end of January yet and little young me has been processing all of this change. Huge changes, not so good to absolutely incredible things happening. Change can be very hard to adjust to and it can be hugely liberating and awesome!

Simply by writing things down, gives you the awareness to realise just how much you are processing and taking on. My moto- “If you think it, ink it.” Just by writing down what you have been experiencing can go a long way. Life causes us to focus too much on everything outside of us and if we don’t check in with ourselves-this results in stress and burnout.

By writing it down it takes the pressure off and stops you from being so hard on yourself and leaves space to give yourself some self-compassion and care.

Here is the exercise I did to help you:

· Simply write down what is going on and what you’re experiencing

· How do you feel?

· What emotions are you experiencing?

· What action can you take to support yourself?

The action doesn’t have to be huge, it could simply be going for a walk or cancelling something that you said “Yes” to when you really meant “No” or simply stop beating yourself up!

The action I have taken is writing this blog so I can help anyone who may be experiencing something similar. It doesn’t matter how big or small your situation is. These things can mount up without us realising and can have a negative impact on our lives.

Right, I am off to practice some EFT tapping to clear some of the negative stories I have been witnessing today.

Love & Strength,

Jennifer Joan

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