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Empower Your Pathway

Change, Trust & Flow

I provide Life Empowerment Coaching to the spiritually minded who are fed up of the same old and who are a hell yes to making positive changes in their life. I do this by helping them CHANGE their thought patterns so they can TRUST themselves again and FLOW with ease through life.

Are you...?

  • Experiencing a sense of loss?

  • Feeling stuck and stagnant in your life and not sure what the next step is?

  • Are you thinking there is more to life but you’re not sure how to experience it?

  • Feeling a lack of self-esteem and confidence?

  • Curious about The Law of Attraction but not sure how to harness it?

  • Waking up feeling flat and dreading the day ahead?

  • Willing to make a change to free yourself from destructive habits and let go of self-sabotage?

  • Seeking a solution and looking to find happiness?

  • Wanting to awaken your passion and live your life’s purpose?


 Nathalie's Testimonial


Enjoyable, with lots of techniques.

I have found life coaching with Jen an enjoyable experience with lots of techniques suggested to implement.

Jen has helped me to focus on the points in my life that I felt needed the most attention and gave me the freedom to explore areas that were of most importance.

Jen’s positive, warm and friendly presence allowed me to open up, explore certain issues and tackle them face on.

As a Integrative therapist/Mentor and life coach myself I understand the importance of having the support, space and motivation to heal and achieve your goals. Jen has certainly helped me with this.

Believe Trust and Flow 😁💜

Thanks Jen 💚

Nathalie Tanner

- January 2022

I’ve been working as a Life Empowerment Coach helping people manifest their desires for 4 years.

I work mainly with females who want to change their life after experiencing one of life’s unfortunate events such as loss or hardship. Or after experiencing a kind loss whether that is a loss of a loved one, a job, or  simply a sense of losing your identity and sense of self.

My mission and purpose is to show others that “This is not it”. The dark days, the doubts, the ups and downs, the unwanted thoughts and visions.


You have it inside of you to turn your day around and find your divine spark.

Hi, I'm Jenny...

Daisy field.png

After my Dad and Brother passed away in 2018, I felt a huge amount of pain and spent many days in total disbelief and despair. This was on top of me recovering from a violent relationship and rebuilding self-worth and my relationship with myself again.

I continued to use alcohol as a way out of feeling the hit, I numbed it out and pushed it way down so I could carry on ignoring the huge nudges I was receiving until one day on my lunch break……….


This program is for you if you’re a hell yes for creating new change into your life. You may have just dipped your toe into self-development/manifestation/spirituality world and curious to know more or you would like to dive deeper into your healing journey.

I believe anyone can change their life if they learn how to use their controls to work for them instead of against them. Everyone has the ability to lift themselves out of darkness into the light and find their Divine Spark.

I also believe in the power of mentorship to help us see what we cannot see, to help us hear and feel life differently so we can invite a newness into our lives; creating an empowered solid relationship with ourselves so we can support ourselves in our businesses, health, relationships and overall wellbeing.

My 1:1 Change-Trust-Flow Program

(4 months)

Empower Your Pathway

with me, Jenny...

Our First Session...

Our first session will be around every aspect of your life and will highlight what areas of your life you would like to improve. I will then create a bespoke programme designed especially for you. In our sessions we will explore to see what is getting in your way.

Together we will discover what you really want and help transform your life. These will take place on a zoom 1:1 call. In addition, I will be there to support you during the week on messenger.

Untitled design.png

Empower Your Pathway

Who is this program for?

This program is for you if you are ready to move forward with your life and are willing to work through the uncomfortable messy bits.


Investing in yourself can be scary, I hear you. I have spent thousands of pounds on my self-development journey, and I have no intention to stop as I know the immense benefits it gives me.


When you decide to invest in yourself the game changes instantly. If you are committed, ready to dig deep, and go all in, this program will give you a full transformation and change of lifestyle you won’t need to escape from.

Book a Call and let’s talk about Empowering YOUR Pathway

Who is this program not for?

This program is not for you if you are not willing to put the work in, this is not a quick fix.


This is a full transformation that will change everything for your highest good.


This program is a 4 -figure investment, so it’s not for individuals who are not willing to invest into themselves.


Suze's Testimonial


Jen is amazing! She is such a inspirational, real person and an amazing life coach. I have felt completely supported by Jen and the other ladies in our group. Jen has helped me keep the momentum going with practices for the law of attraction. Her advise, knowledge and skills on how to get on the high vibe frequency are life skills, I will follow forever.


I look forward to her new programmes on supporting people to become the best version of themselves and I am excited that Jen will help me in the next part of my life’s journey.


Thanks again Jennifer Joan x

Suze, Emotional Holistic Health

- April 2020

After this program, you will feel...

You will wake up feeling ready and eager for the day ahead and will have a sense of wholeness inside.


You will be able to navigate a challenging day as you will have the tools and knowledge under your belt; you will be the captain of your ship.


Your relationship with yourself will improve as will your relationships with the people around you.



Your Investment?

Would you put a price tag on you living a life without doubt, self-hate and limitation?

You can’t can you? It's priceless.

I know, you may be thinking... Can I afford it?

But, can you afford not to?

I offer a range of payment plans to accommodate all budgets.

I want you to feel comfortable and assured that I have your back, so I offer a no-quibble 100% money back guarantee.

Yes, I will give you 100% of your money back with no questions asked if you feel coaching is not for you within the first 30 days.


Our brains are programmed to think in
negative “what if's”

But what if today you thought in 
positive “What if’s” 
How would that feel?

  • You wake up every morning with a high vibe energy

  • You know how to manage the shitty days

  • You love yourself on a deeper level and know your worth

  • You feel confident and attract the right people into your life

  • You feel deeply connected to your mind, body & soul

  • You have the tools to manifest

  • You know how to stay in alignment

  • You become the captain of your mindset

  • You know how to remove mental blocks

  • You have created healthy new habits


A Reminder of the Benefits...

If you are still reading...

I know you are wanting to make that change...

Dare to Believe that Your Life Could be Different...


Recently, we have all witnessed how things can change very quickly and how fast one year can fly past. If you haven’t taken action, you are left thinking, what if I did? How different would my life be now?

This time next year you may be thinking, what would my life be like now if I invested in myself last year? Would I be living life on my terms? Would I be stepping into my power? Would I be attracting my best life?

I know how it feels to doubt and worry if it’s the right move or not. Without taking the action you will never know.

Maybe it’s time to choose YOU!

Let’s jump on a call together to have a chat about your needs and most importantly to see if we are the right fit.

  • How many 1:1 session will I have and how long will they be?
    You will have x12 1:1 private coaching sessions with me on zoom that will last between 60-90 minutes long.
  • Why 4 months?
    This gives you time in between our sessions to integrate what you have learnt and gives you space if you would like a week to digest. You will have access to me for support on the platform of your choice. I am exceptionally flexible regarding contact methods. When you are transforming, you need time to integrate all that you’re learning. Everything doesn’t have to be so structured and rigid.
  • How much time will I need?
    Like anything in life, the more time and focus you put in the more abundance you will receive in return. In addition to our coaching sessions and time on messenger I would carve our 30-60 minutes a day to commit to your new daily habits which I will introduce you to within our coaching.
  • Will I have support in between my sessions?
    Yes, you have unlimited support on messenger. I will reply within 24 hours.
  • Your Investment
    Investing into yourself can be scary, I know this as I have spent thousands of pounds on my self-development journey, and I have no intention to stop as I know the immense benefits it gives me. Would you put a price tag on you living a life without doubt, self-hate and limitation? You can’t can you, its priceless. I know, you may be thinking, can I afford it? But, can you afford not to?
  • How does the payment work?
    You can choose to pay in full or you can spread the cost over x4 months.
  • Are there any extra benefits?
    Yes, as you will be working with me 1:1 you will have access to my monthly ‘Ignite Your Pathway’ workshops
  • Do I need to be in Bali to work with you?
    No, my private coaching sessions and online monthly workshops are all accessible via Zoom meetings or on Messenger , What'sApp or Skype. I will do my best to accommodate whichever platform works best for you.
  • Do you work with men?
    My focus and messaging is directed at women, however I would work with men who feel aligned to me and what I can help them with.

Frequently Asked Questions

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