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About Me

Jennifer Joan

Hi, I’m Jenny!

I’ve been working as an empowering and manifesting coach for 3 years.

I worked mainly with people who are suffering in silence, they feel stuck and frustrated with themselves and life.

My mission and purpose are to show others that there is so much more to life. I want to show them how to smile from the inside out and realise it all comes from within.

So let’s put a stop to your suffering and unleash the chains from the past to finally find the light between the darkness.

Join hundreds of incredible people who are already retaking control of their life.

I hope to see you there.

Jenny 💙

“You came forth to live happily ever after” – Abraham-Hicks

My story


As a child, I was an animal lover.

Wherever there were animals, I was there. I wanted to become a vet, and then my ambition changed and I wanted to become a mounted policewoman.

On leaving school, I started working at a local riding school, where I lived in. I had the option of living in a nice warm flat with central heating or a cold, damp caravan (next to the stables). Yes, I chose the caravan. I seemed to go for the hard options in life; if something seemed too easy, I would naturally take the more complex route, which includes this handsome boy below: ‘Robin’ my childhood favourite pony who loved to buck me off on a regular basis.

At the age of 17 a lot of life experiences happened in a very short period, I passed my driving test, started working as an apprentice for an Insurance Brokers, met my first serious boyfriend. Life was good, I was on cloud 9, new job, new boyfriend, found my independence driving around in my new banger -loving life! But this didn’t last very long, my boyfriend dumped me and my friend from school passed away.

Jennifer Joan story
Jennifer Joan
I then spent the following years drinking alcohol and partying to cover up the broken pieces inside me. My self-esteem fell to the floor, along with my dignity. I spent many years ahead, living a fast-paced life of working hard and partying harder. I used alcohol as an escape from reality as I felt useless and not good enough. I did take my job working at an insurance broker’s seriously, and I was proud that I worked my way up to branch manager level.

Then nine weeks before I was due to leave, I met a man, who really put a spanner in the works. To cut a long story short, I did go to Oz, but I cut my trip short and returned just two months later to be with this person………..huge mistake!
I fell into a very toxic, messy relationship that was physically and emotionally abusive. I gave up my dream because I didn’t have any self-worth or value for myself to continue my planned trip. As a result, my confidence took a nosedive, and I completely lost myself; my friends said I just wasn’t me anymore.

Thinking back to my life almost ten years ago, I was at a crossroads. I knew I had a purpose, a destination that would open my mind, but I didn’t know what it was. After being introduced to The Secret by Rhona Byrne (based on the Law of Attraction), I started to see life in a refreshing new way. My eyes opened wide to all the possibilities that were surrounding me, to which I had been blinded before. I began to think differently, which led me to manifesting including my travels to Australia.

So, of course, when you take action, the universe works with you. Everything worked out; it flowed: saving the money, selling my car, renting out my house, and I getting myself a year’s working visa with just enough time to fit in applying for my 2nd years visa- it was meant to be, or was it?

“Talk to yourself like someone you love” – Brene Brown

Why I became a coach?

Jennifer Joan

After going through very difficult times, I’ve decided it was time to work on myself and to move forward with my life. I know I have my Dad and Brother supporting me in the spirit world and that gave me the strength I needed to pursue my dreams.

By finding my way to live the life I want and deserve while going through these though times, I realised how strong I became and I just wanted to share my process with others to help them empowering themselves.

So here I am.

Stronger than ever.

Happier than ever.

I believe that we can all empower ourselves to manifest the life we want.

“You came forth to live happily ever after” – Abraham-Hicks

My credentials

Becoming a certified coach was a long but worthy process. I’ve learned so much and I’m now fully accredited to help thousands of people to rewrite the story through manifestation and empowerment.

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Jennifer Joan
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